Wearing Wrong Shoes Can Be Very Painful

Can shoes cause my foot pain?

When we think of footwear, we often concern ourselves with just the aesthetics of how a high heel may make us look.  We think about how these shoes will make us feel taller, more confident and will dress up any outfit.

However, we often neglect to think about how this will make the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons in our feet react.  Putting an unnatural arch or pressure on our toes and the soles of our feet may not sound as appealing in those stilletos!

Starting From The Bottom

Studies show that nearly all American adults suffer from some sort of joint or muscle pain.  Some of the most common pain is Sciatica (or lower back pain) as well as hip and cervical spine (neck) discomfort.  Very few patients realize that this pain can actually originate from the shoes they choose.

High heels change the way we walk and how pressures are experienced by our feet.

Normal walking is for our heel to contact the ground first, toes last.

High heels reverse this almost completely causing the front of the foot to contact the ground first and heel last.  Also the front of the foot has to do much more in the way of balance and stabilization than it was intended to do.

The natural arch in the foot must be preserved and most shoes (from sneakers to flip flops) available in stores today do not offer this necessary support.

Ask The Doc Before You Shop!

Before going to the mall or your local boutique in search of a new pair of shoes for work or a special event, consult the expert: your podiatrist! They will evaluate the condition of your feet and will advise you of the best options. Shoes that tend to “pinch” the toes or raise the heel more than one and a half inches can cause pain and deformity (bunions, hammertoes and more) later down the road.

Call Family Foot Center located in Whitestone, Queens today to schedule your footwear consultation. Our doctor and experienced, professional staff will have you feeling stylish in comfort!

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