Podiatrist in North Queens, New York

If you live in Queens you know you do more than a little bit of walking. From hiking up the steps to your apartment to catching a subway or bus, you and your feet experience a lot of pressure. All of that hard work could leave your feet feeling achy, sore and tired. If you have painful, uncomfortable feet, or a problem with your toenails, or need a foot health checkup, you should visit our podiatrist of FAMILY FOOT CENTER located in the Whitestone Village of North Queens, New York. Dr. Stanley J. Zawada works with any person who needs to improve their foot comfort and health.

What Dr. Zawada Does

Dr. Zawada (located in the Whitestone Village of North Queens, New York) treats everyone with kindness and compassion. You can expect to be warmly greeted and welcomed by our Receptions. Family Foot Center treats every patient as a partner in care. Dr. Zawada offers education about foot health, complete evaluations and a full spectrum of foot care services.
We provide you with recommendation(s) to make informed decisions and have comfortable and healthy feet.

Why Visit a Podiatrist?

Did you know that the human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 tendons and muscles? Your two feet are almost a quarter of the 206 bones in your entire body. All of these parts must be working together and properly, in a complex timed and synchronous action, or you can have pain, difficulty with movement or a loss of your range of motion.
When your feet hurt, you hurt all over as the saying goes. This is true because as you avoid putting weight onto your sore foot or feet, your body will unconsciously and automatically change the way you shift your weight around as you walk leading to overuse and strain of other parts of your body like your ankles, knees, hips back and even up to your neck.

You might avoid doing some of your favorite activities. Even doing regular household chores or going to the grocery store could prove difficult when your feet are bothering you. There is no need for you to have feet that hurt.
A visit to Family Foot Center in North Queens provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your feet. Early detection of foot problems creates an opportunity to get prompt care.

The Importance of Healthy, Happy Feet

Each person’s feet are different. While your friend might get away with wearing stiletto heels or running around barefoot, you might have a completely different experience. When your feet are functioning well, you will be able to hustle to catch the train, stand and talk with your friends or enjoy a leisurely walk through the park. Your overall health and well-being are profoundly affected by the condition of your feet. Dr. Zawada aims to help you achieve optimal foot health.

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