What You Need to Know About Ingrown Toenails

Do you have an ingrown toenail? This common foot problem has several distinct characteristics. For example, ingrown toenails often produce tremendous discomfort in the immediate problem area. They can also cause the affected region to become swollen or red. If these symptoms coincide with your own, speak to a foot doctor about your condition. As the following information highlights, ingrown toenails that go untreated can evolve into more serious concerns.

Why do ingrown toenails develop?

Overly tight footwear tends often leads to the development of ingrown toenails. Toes require space in shoes. If footwear does not provide the room that toes need, it can force the toenail into the surrounding skin. Over time, an ingrown toenail can develop. A sudden incident can produce an ingrown toenail as well. If you kick a hard object with enough force, it may cause the nail to puncture the skin.

What problems can result from ingrown toenails?

Due to their location, ingrown toenails can provide the catalyst for other foot problems. While inside a shoe, the foot is often exposed to damp, dark, and warm conditions. These factors can make an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. If those bacteria breach the wound site, it can cause an infection. This infection can grow and spread to other parts of the foot or into the bloodstream. Individuals with diabetes are particularly susceptible to this problem.

How can a foot doctor alleviate your ingrown toenail issues?

A foot doctor has the means to attend to your ingrown toenail, eliminate its side effects, and provide instruction on how to prevent future ingrown toenails. Depending on why the ingrown toenail developed, your foot doctor may suggest alternate footwear or different foot hygiene techniques. He can also monitor your foot to ensure that any possible infection is quickly addressed and healed.

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