Exercising Your Feet: Why It’s Important

You may think that routine walking that you do daily is enough exercise to keep your feet healthy and happy. However, this is not the case. Your feet are the most used part of your body—they take you everywhere you need to go, after all—so treating them with care and respect is important. There are also many benefits of exercising and stretching your feet.


Regularly stretching, exercising, and taking care of your feet in general can be extremely beneficial down the line. While you are younger, your feet are more flexible and able to bounce back from being treated badly. However, without proper care, you will notice more severe foot problems as you get older. Weak feet can affect your balance and keep the rest of the body from being properly aligned and healthy. Exercising and strengthening the muscles in your feet can help the muscles hold the bones in the proper place, reduce foot pain, help balance, and maintain healthy feet and bodies for years to come.

How do I exercise my feet?

So what exactly are foot exercises? There are many options. Most foot exercises aim to improve flexibility and stretch out tight muscles. Simple exercises such as toe rises, ankle rolls, picking small objects up with your toes, and exercise walking in proper shoes are all good examples of foot exercises. Sometimes certain Pilates exercises can be beneficial to building foot strength and flexibility. If you have specific foot problems you would like to work with, your podiatrist can help you come up with more options.

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