How can a podiatrist improve the appearance of my feet?

We put our feet through some of the toughest tasks of our days. We wake up and they carry our tired bodies to the shower, then we walk on them throughout the whole day. Even things done for fun, such as hiking or just in going shopping, our feet take the brunt of the effort and pounding.
When we take off our shoes after a long day, and we see our tired feet, it’s ok to wonder how to make them look better and feel better. It’s especially relevant, when you’re on your feet all the time.
What are some of the things a podiatrist can do to make your feet feel and look better?

Common Podiatry Treatments

One of the first things a podiatrist is going to look at is the appearance of your toenails. Sometimes there can be health problems underlying the discolored or cracked nails such as diabetes or circulation disease. If your toenails are yellow, discolored and darker it might be a sign of a fungus living in the nail. Have it checked out so you can not only remove the fungus, but improve the appearance of your toes.
Another common condition is a wart. A wart is caused by a unique strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV).  They can be painful or not depending on their location. Warts cause the blood vessels of your skin to increase in size and number, so they will easily bleed (and hurt!) if they are scraped or poked at. They can appear anywhere on your feet but are when they occur on your sole they can be mistaken for a callus. Podiatrists can get rid of these easily and simply.  If untreated warts can spread all over the foot, spread to the other foot and can even be transmitted to any other part of your body.  Always wash your hands with soap and water after touching what you think could be a wart, but avoid touching them altogether!  Get them examined!
If your feet display chronic redness, itching, and cracking, these can be signs of athlete’s foot caused by a fungus. This can change the skin between your toes and produce a pretty strong odor. It can prevent anyone from wearing sandals or getting that pedicure they wanted due the unsightliness.
These three simple conditions can be easily taken care of by a podiatrist.
Your feet go through so much on a daily basis, why hide them in your shoes when they’re meant to stand out?
Reach out to your local podiatrist to help you take on these conditions and solve these pesky foot troubles. Soon, your feet will be as pretty as they are healthy!
Family Foot Center specializes in these problems and so much more.  We are ready to help you with these issues. Come by to discuss how to make your feet healthy and nice again!
Professional treatment begins with taking your history, an examination and X-rays (if necessary), and is followed by a treatment plan.
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