The Right Way to Care for Your Feet and Toenails

Foot fungus and ingrown toenails are among the most common problems treated by podiatrists. If you want to avoid issues like these, then watch this video to learn about the right way to care for your feet and toenails.

Smooth your heels and address calluses by gently rubbing your skin with a wet pumice stone, and you should always push back your cuticles instead of cutting them. When trimming your toenails, cut them straight across and not too short. Finally, use a moisturizer on your skin and keep the areas between your toes dry to help prevent infections.

If your feet aren’t as healthy as you’d like, then consider visiting Family Foot Center. We offer podiatry in Whitestone to help keep your feet at their best. Please call (718) 767-5555 to schedule an appointment with a foot doctor.

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