Tips for Preventing and Treating Bunions

Bunions are a deformity of the joint of the big toe that results in a bony growth on the side of the toe joint. Symptoms include toe pain, foot pain, redness, and swelling, and walking is particularly painful. Bunions sometimes require foot surgery to repair. Luckily, podiatrists, foot doctors, and foot surgeons can offer safe and effective treatments for any podiatry issue. Continue reading for some tips on how to prevent and treat bunions.

Bunion Causes

One of the primary causes of bunions is a mechanical instability in your big toe’s joint. This can happen as a result of genetics, shoes that don’t fit properly, arthritis, age, a past injury, or neuropathy of the foot. Bunions can also be caused when people who are flat-footed walk in such a way that their feet roll inwards. This is called over-pronation. Women account for about 90% of bunion sufferers.

Bunion Prevention

Wearing shoes that fit properly can often prevent bunions. If you are prone to bunions, choose shoes with low heels and plenty of room in the toes, and stand up while trying on shoes to ensure that they fit properly. If you are flat-footed and suffer from frequent arch pain or have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you should wear arch supports or orthotic shoe inserts to prevent or delay bunion development.

Bunion Treatment

Bunion treatments can be surgical or non-surgical. Your podiatrist will evaluate your condition and opt for the most conservative treatment method first. Non-surgical treatment options include orthotic devices like arch supports and shoe inserts. Your podiatrist may also recommend physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, or steroid injections. If these options are unsuccessful, bunion surgery may be necessary.

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