Exercises to Help Your Bunions

Bunions are caused by swollen tissue under the big toe, which leads to the formation of a bump on the side of the foot. Without treatment, bunions can cause considerable foot pain and even arthritis. However, before you consider an expensive surgery for your bunion, consider these simple exercises for pain relief and management. Be sure to consult your podiatrist for any physical therapy guidelines.

Pain-Relieving Exercises

Stretching out your toes can help prevent a lot of pain. Point your toes forward for five seconds and curl them under for another five seconds. Repeat this stretch 10 times. Press your toes against a hard surface, such as a wall, to flex and stretch them. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and repeat three to four times. Stretch your big toes by gently pulling them into their proper alignment, holding for 10 seconds and repeating three to four times. Relieve your pain with a massage, and roll a golf ball, or a ball of that size, under the sole of each foot.

Exercises for Strengthening

Strengthening your feet and toes can help offset pain, as well as make daily activities easier for you. You can use a variety of household items for gripping exercises, which improve the strength and flexibility of your feet. Spread a small towel on the floor and curl your toes over it, pulling it toward you. Repeat this five times. Place around 20 marbles on the ground and use your toes to pick up each one, placing them in a bowl.

The Best Time to Perform Exercises

It is important to practice these exercises every day, at least twice a day. Consistency will ensure that your foot strength and flexibility improve. You can perform the stretches whenever it is convenient for you, such as while watching television or cooking dinner. It is also a good idea to maintain an active lifestyle to keep your feet and toes limber.

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