A Look at Joint Fusion

Joint fusion surgery is a type of foot surgery that is sometimes necessary to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis. If bones or joints in the foot have been damaged, severe toe pain and foot pain can result. A podiatrist or foot doctor can diagnose the source of this foot pain, and refer you to a foot surgeon if necessary.

During joint fusion surgery, a bone graft is placed between the two bones that are eroded. This bone graft may be taken from another part of the body, or it may come from a bone bank. A foot surgeon will use metal screws, wires, or plates to hold the bone graft in place. Over time, the bones will fuse together to become one. Joint fusion surgery improves the flexibility and stability of the foot, allows the foot to bear weight more easily, and makes walking much less painful.

If you’re looking for a foot surgeon near Whitestone that can perform joint fusion surgery, contact Family Foot Center. Our foot surgeon, Dr. Stanley J. Zawada, has 25 years of experience in podiatric surgery. Call us today at (917) 563-4199 to set up a consultation.

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