What Causes Hammertoes?

When muscles and ligaments around the toe joint are imbalanced, the middle joint often becomes stuck in an awkward bent position. This condition, known as hammertoe, can happen to any toe and typically causes pain and irritation.

What causes hammertoes to form in the first place? Some people have a genetic tendency toward developing hammertoes as a result of a family history of high arches or flat feet. These conditions can cause muscle and ligament imbalances that lead to hammertoes. Toe injuries can also lead to hammertoes. Many of these injuries are caused by wearing improper or ill-fitting shoes, such as tight shoes or pointy high heels. Injuries can also cause the imbalances that lead to bent toe joints. Arthritis is another common cause of hammertoes, as the bending and moving of the toes can cause an imbalance.

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