The Patient’s Guide to Sprained Ankles

Have you ever sprained your ankle? This injury can happen while playing sports or even while walking on uneven ground. A sprained ankle can be a simple injury or a more severe one, which is why it is important to contact a foot doctor. Learn more about sprained ankles with this guide.

How Do You Sprain Your Ankle?

Sprained ankles are common while playing sports but can also be experienced during daily activities. An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle joint twists, rolls, or is placed into an awkward or unnatural position. This can occur when walking on uneven ground, when too much force is applied, or when a person lands awkwardly while running or jumping. Ligaments around the ankle move too far out of their normal range of motion when these incidents occur, resulting in stretches or tears.

What Are the Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle?

It is important to contact your foot doctor if you think you have a sprained ankle. Some incidents that cause ankle sprains are obvious, but others can be a little more subtle. Looking for common symptoms can help you determine if it is time to call your podiatrist. Some of the most common symptoms of ankle sprains include a restricted range of motion, swelling, bruising, and pain when favoring the injured ankle. Call your foot doctor to determine if you need to come in for an evaluation.

How Are Sprained Ankles Treated?

There are different treatments available for sprained ankles. Your treatment will depend on the severity of your injury. Mild injuries can be treated at home with some pain medication. If you are having a hard time walking, you might want to use crutches while your ankle heals. Physical therapy can also be beneficial in helping you regain your range of motion after your ankle has healed.

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