Taking Care of Your Toenails

Regular visits to your podiatrist can help you keep your feet in great condition. But you also have to know how to care for your feet at home to keep them looking and feeling great. This includes learning how to take care of your toenails. Here are some of the basics:

Cut Your Toenails Properly

Trimming your toenails is essential for keeping them healthy and in good shape. It is important to learn how to properly cut your toenails, as cutting them too short can result in ingrown toenails. Use a clean nail trimmer to cut nails straight across. You should use a file to soften the trimmed nail and slightly round out the corners.

Wash Your Feet Daily

Taking good care of your toenails means taking good care of your feet. Maintain clean skin and nails by washing your feet daily during your shower. Use a loofah or scrubbing brush to gently exfoliate your toenails as well as any drier skin on your feet, such as on your heels or bottoms of your toes. Rinse away soap residue and use a soft towel to pat your feet dry.

Apply Moisturizing Lotion

Your skin and nails need a little help to stay properly moisturized. That is why it is important to find a quality lotion that soothes and hydrates your skin. Incorporate your new lotion into your daily routine, moisturizing your feet and toenails after washing and drying them. This will keep your skin and nails moisturized and healthy.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Do you ever sacrifice comfort to wear a stylish pair of shoes? Uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes do not just make it hard to walk; they can also damage your toenails or lead to a bigger risk of getting ingrown toenails. Avoid these shoes and look for comfortable options that offer support.

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