What Is a Podiatrist?

In medicine, there are many fields of specialty, as you are probably very aware. Keeping up with who is the right specialist for your specific needs can be a challenge, no doubt. You may have heard the term podiatrist, but are you aware of what a podiatrist really is and what he or she can do for your health?

Podiatry Made Simple

A podiatrist, in simplest terms, is a foot doctor. This professional is one who has specialized training in the care of feet, ankles, and related leg structures, and the diagnosis of problems that affect them. Whether you sprain an ankle, break a toe, or simply have an ingrown toenail or athlete’s foot, this is the doctor you want to see.

Qualifications for a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatry—a medical field. Like all medical doctors, podiatrists must complete medical school and a hospital residency. The biggest difference between podiatrists and general physicians is that their medical school is actually a specialized podiatric medical school. This means that while podiatrists do learn basic anatomy and other medical topics, the bulk of their education actually centers on their specialty.

This unique training is what makes a foot doctor the best doctor to care for your feet. No other physician holds the rigorous and exhaustive training in this highly complex part of the body that a podiatrist does. Podiatrists are fully versed in all medical conditions that can affect the feet, such as diabetes, as well as in sports medicine, wound care, and surgery. A podiatrist can choose to become Board Certified, but is not required to in every state.

From ill-fitting shoes that cause pain to structural deformities in the anatomy, a podiatrist can quickly diagnose and treat virtually any condition that may affect the feet. They are a valuable ally in your healthcare team.

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