Fallen Arches

Custom Arch Supports give Queens a lift from the ground up!

Arch supports (“orthotics”) support more than just arches in Queens

The benefits of custom-made arch supports are well known to those who have benefited from them. Shoes with uneven wear, and foot and leg pain can be helped with these miracle devices. Less known benefits include better posture and back pain relief. Fallen arches may cause foot problems, but these foot problems can work their way up to the spine starting other health problems.  A properly made custom arch support is a prescription device that corrects more than what first meets the eye, or feet!

Fallen arches are a leading culprit of pain

There is a natural arch to your foot that works to help you walk and support for your entire frame. The arch, in its ideal, supports the spine and makes for proper gait. Fallen foot arches can cause foot problems ranging from corns and blisters to bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, achilles tendon pain and more.

What happens to your back when your arches fall?

When your arch falls, your foot flattens.  This causes your knees to rotate inwards towards each other.  This causes your hip to increase the curve of your lower back toward your stomach.  If you stayed like you would feel like you were leaning forward.  So, to make up for the increased forward curving of your lower back your middle and upper back increase their backward curvatures in the opposite direction.

All these increased curves put extra pressures on and strain the joints involved.  Pain in the heels (especially with the first step out of bed in the morning in one or both feet), pain in the inside of one or both knees, low back pain and middle-upper back pain can all be related to having fallen arches.

A properly made custom arch support replaces the factory insole of your shoe, sneakers, etc..  It can have excellent results when done right.

On the other hand there can be injuries that cause a weakening of the structures that support your arch.  Professional evaluation including x-rays and MRI is necessary.

If you suspect you may have fallen arches and you near the Queens / Whitestone area, Family Foot Center is the neighborhood podiatric care facility near you.

Dr. Stanley J. Zawada at Family Foot Center in Whitestone, QUEENS, NY diagnoses foot issues and prescribes effective courses of actions to take.

If you have, or think you may have fallen arches, please don’t hesitate, call Family Foot Center at 718-767-5555. CALL NOW!

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