Foot Massages For Foot Pain

Our feet are very hardworking, essential parts of our body.  They help us with strength, mobility and thousands of movements we perform everyday.  The simple rule is: no feet, no go.  Not without some sort of artificial aid like a wheelchair, artificial limb and the like. However, far too many of our feet go forgotten when it comes to healthcare. We take care of our teeth by visiting the dentist, our minds by allowing time to rest and our hearts and lungs by going to our primary care doctors.  Our feet are often left neglected, but that can easily change!

Feet Are Fun!

The average adult takes over 5,000 to 7,000 steps every day, which is equivalent to about 2.5 to 3.5 miles!  Not only is this a lot of motion and movement, but all while we put our entire body weight and more on our feet!  If you have any doubts about how much pressure goes through every step we take just put your hand on the floor and have someone walk on on your hand.  This will be an “impressive” experience, to say the least!  With all that walking comes extensive wear, tear and the need for care!  Visiting your podiatrist regularly will have them professionally examined for any signs of corns, calluses, fungus, deformities or muscular ailments.  Doing so  will ensure that you can continue being on the go, no matter where the road (or your favorite sneakers!) takes you!

Moisture And Massages

The majority of us have a sedentary work environment where there is not much opportunity for exercise during the day.  This can be especially hard on our feet, especially while wearing formal footwear like high heels, which are not the ideal type of footwear for our feet.  A fifteen minute foot massage every evening before going to bed can improve circulation in and out of the feet and if combined with lotions, can also help moisturize dry skin.  These short nightly massages have been proven to have a variety of benefits beyond circulation.  They improve mobility of the lower extremities, reduce muscle soreness and even strengthen the feet and ankles to help prevent future injuries from occurring.

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