Recognizing the Symptoms of Hammertoes

Hammertoes are deformities that can affect one or both joints of the little toes. This condition involves the abnormal bending of the toes. If you suspect you have hammertoes, it’s essential to see a podiatrist right away. Hammertoes are much more easily treated when they are detected early. Otherwise, a foot surgeon may need to correct the problem. The most obvious sign that you could have hammertoes is the visible deformity of the toes. The joint of the toe will be bent upwards. In the early stages, it’s still possible to move the toe back into its proper position, although the toe may be stiff and it may hurt when you move it.

Other possible signs of hammertoes include pain at the top of the toes when you put on shoes. It may become difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably. The area at the top of the toes may also develop corns and calluses.

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