Preventing Toe Cramps When You Exercise

If you suffer from chronic cramp-related toe pain, a foot doctor serving Whitestone can help you get to the root of your problem. This video also offers suggestions for stopping toe cramps before they start.

Podiatry experts give many reasons for why the muscles in your feet might cramp during exercise. One common cause is strain. If you have recently increased your workout duration or intensity level, it could lead to toe cramps. To alleviate toe pain, take a more gradual approach to stepping up your exercise regimen. You might also want to consider replacing your workout shoes. Running, in particular, can quickly wear out footwear so that it offers progressively less support, which can result in toe cramps.

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A Look at the Signs of an Ankle Sprain

All it takes is a strip of uneven pavement or a slippery bathroom floor to trigger an ankle sprain. This injury is so common that millions of people in the United States alone experience it each year, and it often warrants treatment by a podiatrist. When ankle pain is accompanied by the following symptoms, a consultation with a foot doctor in Whitestone may be necessary.

Bruised Skin

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments around the joint experience trauma. However, other structures may incur injury as well. If the ankle twists in an abnormal fashion, the many blood vessels that are present in this region can also suffer damage. If they break, the skin around the ankle may appear bruised. Gravity may also force blood to collect at the bottom of the foot, so bruising can occur outside the immediate ankle area.

Swollen Joint

Tissues that suffer from trauma typically experience inflammation. This side effect can lead to the build up of fluids around the ankle. As a result, an injured joint may appear larger than normal. While elevation and compression of the ankle joint can alleviate swelling, this warning sign may denote serious ligament damage that requires professional podiatry treatment.

Ankle Stiffness

Inflammation can also impact the functionality of a joint. When fluids collect at the ankle, it becomes more difficult for the muscles and connective tissues to bend with ease. Therefore, many people suffer from joint stiffness when they experience sprained ankles. This stiffness can then impede mobility. The sooner podiatry treatment is sought for an ankle sprain, the more quickly the sufferer can find relief. A podiatrist can determine if the injury is a sprain, evaluate the extent of the damage, and decide on a course of action to treat it.

Joint injuries can worsen without appropriate treatment. If you suffer an ankle sprain, call Family Foot Center at (718) 767-5555 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Stanley J. Zawada has more than two decades of experience in treating foot injuries.

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Essential Foot Health Tips

With spring in bloom and summer on the horizon, many people are trading in their boots for flip-flops and other warm weather footwear. Unfortunately, some summertime habits can lead to foot infections, foot injuries, or even the need for a trip to a foot surgeon near Whitestone. To ensure that your feet stay healthy and pain-free all season long, make foot safety a priority.

When temperatures are high, it can be tempting to walk outdoors without any footwear at all. However, podiatry experts caution against going barefoot. Without a barrier between your skin and the ground, you can easily suffer cuts from glass particles, sharp sticks or stones, and other harmful objects. In addition, it can be easy for foot pathogens to spread in certain areas, such as gym locker rooms, which can lead to toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, and other foot issues. When choosing your footwear, look for non-slip soles to prevent sprained ankles, broken toes, and other complications of slip and fall accidents.

Family Foot Center offers comprehensive podiatric medicine services for foot problems big and small. Whether you have a broken toe or an ingrown toenail, we can quickly get you back on your feet. To schedule an appointment, call (718) 767-5555.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Podiatrist

Your feet bear considerable wear and tear each day, making foot pain or a foot injury a probability at some point. When choosing a foot doctor serving Whitestone, keep in mind the factors that can help you get the best podiatry care possible. By knowing ahead of time what to look for and what to ask as you examine your options, you can more quickly find the podiatrist that is right for your needs.

Podiatry Experience

Many people go to a foot doctor complaining of foot pain, though they may not know what is causing it. Therefore, the podiatrist must quickly assess their condition and make an accurate diagnosis. In many cases, podiatry experts who have extensive experience with different foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis, broken toes, and bunions, are the ones who can most easily recognize a problem and provide appropriate treatment for it. As you talk to different foot doctors, inquire about the length of time they have been in practice.

Your Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can have a significant impact on foot health. Diabetes and fibromyalgia, in particular, can cause chronic foot wounds and foot pain. If you suffer from a health problem with foot-related complications, tell all prospective podiatrists about your specific needs. Choose only a foot doctor who can capably address the podiatric complications of your condition.

Treatment Convenience

Even when a podiatrist has extensive experience and expertise, he may not be the right foot doctor for you. Another consideration to keep in mind while deciding among physicians is how easy it is to get the treatment you need. For instance, does a particular doctor have office hours that are suitable for your schedule? Does his practice take your specific health insurance? The answers to these questions can impact your treatment experience, so discuss these convenience factors with each doctor before you make a final decision.

Family Foot Center makes it easy to get the exceptional foot care you need. Dr. Stanley J. Zawada has been in practice for over 20 years, and his office welcomes many types of insurance. To find out more about the services that Dr. Zawada provides, call (718) 767-5555.

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