Finding the Right Shoes for Your Kids

Children are constantly growing and developing, so it is important to facilitate the process. The right shoes can help your children’s feet grow normally and keep them comfortable throughout the development. Watch this video for a few tips on finding the right shoes for your kids.

Kids’ shoes should have a stiff heel in order to provide an adequate amount of protection. You can test this by pressing on both sides of the heel of the shoe; the shoe should not collapse. You should also make sure that the shoe does not twist in the middle and that the toe section of the shoe does bend with the child’s toes.

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How to Avoid Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be painful and even cause infection. If you suffer from ingrown toenails, consult your podiatrist for a solution. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent developing this condition. Here is a look at how to avoid ingrown toenails.

Trimming Technique

Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a right way and a wrong way to trim your toenails. Trimming all the way around the nail is what causes your toenails to grow into the skin of your toes. Instead, trim your nails straight across. It is also important to be cognizant of how short you cut your toenails. They should be trimmed so that they simply come up to the tips of your toes. Cutting them down any shorter poses a risk for ingrown toenails because of the pressure your shoes exert upon your toes.


Another important aspect of avoiding ingrown toenails is wearing shoes that cooperate with your toenails. You do not want to wear shoes that cause your feet and toes to be subjected to excessive amounts of pressure. Extra pressure can pinch your toes and influence their growth, which can then lead your toenails to grow into your skin. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that leave some wiggle room for your toes. It is important to give your toenails enough room to grow naturally.


In order to avoid ingrown toenails, you must be aware when the problem is present. Do not wait until your toes are in pain from your nails digging into your skin. Look at your toes and see how your nails are growing. If they look like they are being influenced by the tightness of your shoes or the way you trim your nails, it is time to talk to your podiatrist about treating and preventing ingrown toenails.

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What Are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics?

Many people with foot pain look to over-the-counter aids for relief. While one-size-fits-all inserts can partially or temporarily alleviate the discomfort of calluses, plantar fasciitis, or other painful foot conditions, they rarely provide lasting relief for chronic foot pain sufferers. For individuals with significant foot issues, foot doctors often recommend custom orthotics. As their name indicates, custom orthotics are made according to the individual needs of each patient. Only after a thorough examination of the patient’s foot structure and medical condition are custom orthotics made. As a result, individuals with custom orthotics typically enjoy more comprehensive relief. The superior quality of custom orthotics also guarantees better long-term foot health.

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Everyday Foot Care Tips

Your feet play an integral role in your quality of life. Consider for a moment how difficult it would be to go to work, get around the house, or see your friends if your feet were in constant pain. Yet when practicing preventive health, many people overlook the needs of their feet. To keep your feet as healthy as possible, keep in mind these simple yet effective foot care tips:

Exercise Your Feet

Do you consider yourself an active person? Then you might already be giving your feet the workout they need to stay healthy and strong. If you lack a consistent exercise routine, though, you may be inadvertently contributing to the decline of your feet health. The feet contain many muscles, and like all muscle tissue, they require regular physical exertion to maintain their strength and flexibility. Running and walking are just two types of exercise that can keep your feet in shape.

Support Your Feet

No matter if you’re running a marathon or running late for work, your feet need constant footwear support. Each time your foot makes contact with the ground, it absorbs pressure from it. Rather than let your feet bear this impact hundreds or even thousands of times each day, you can purchase supportive footwear to alleviate stress on your feet. Women should especially take note of their footwear choices, as high heels and other fashionable shoe options may not provide the type of support that the feet need for optimal health.

Cleanse Your Feet

As many people can attest, a single afternoon of running errands in sandals can coat feet in a grimy layer of dirt and other contaminants. When left on the feet for an extended period of time, these elements can cause the buildup of bacteria, which can put your feet at risk for infections. To ensure that your feet stay germ and infection-free, thoroughly wash them each day. You can further prevent the accumulation of bacteria by wearing protective footgear, including natural fiber socks and breathable shoes.

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