Foot Massage: Do It While You View It

Keeping your feet healthy and happy is crucial to your well-being.  Foot massages are a great way to pamper your feet while relaxing your entire body. And who doesn’t love a good foot massage? Watch this amazing video on foot massage to learn how to massage your own feet.


As you are watching this video, you should be massaging your feet to learn the proper techniques.


To continue keeping your feet healthy, contact Family Foot Center to schedule an appointment with us. We can treat all of your foot ailments, including heel pain, bunions, plantar warts, and ingrown toenails. Call us today and let us help you get healthy, happy feet!

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How to Heal a Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle can hurt!  It can also cause impediment of movement.  For these reasons, we want a sprained ankle to heal quickly!

In this video provided by, you can learn the appropriate measures to take to care for your ankle so that it heals quickly.  It lists supplies you will need, the steps you need to take, and how to prevent further injury.

The Family Foot Center wants to see you back on your feet! We specialize in all podiatric medicine and surgery. For the best recovery possible, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist who can evaluate your injury and monitor your recovery.   We at the Family Foot Center look forward to working with you.  Call us today at (718) 767–5555 or e-mail us at .

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Embarrassing Illnesses-Athlete’s Foot

Embarrassing illnesses are difficult to deal with. When you suffer from an illness like athlete’s foot, it can make you self-conscious and anti-social because you’re afraid of your friends’ reactions.


In this video about athlete’s foot, a patient with athlete’s foot shows us a fungus that is growing on his feet. The podiatrist in the video explains that athlete’s foot is a disease that is developed from sweaty feet that don’t have the opportunity to dry themselves out. You can avoid contracting this illness by washing your feet every day and then drying them thoroughly afterward.


If you suffer from athlete’s foot, or any other kind of foot disease, visit the professionals at Family Foot Center. If you have a problem, we have the answer to all of your podiatry-related needs.

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Hammertoes: What Are They And What Are The Causes?

What is hammertoe?  It certainly doesn’t stem from a mishap with a hammer landing on your toe.

Hammertoe is a bending of one or more joints in any of the toes (except the big toe).  Toes suffering from hammertoe usually bend in an upward motion in the middle and curl downward (resembling the look of a hammer).

There are two types of hammertoe.

  • One is where the joints are rigid and cannot be straightened.
  • The other type is naturally bent at the joint(s) but can flex into a straight position.

Usually hammertoes are flexible in the early stages of the condition.  They can, however, become rigid and not respond to treatment if left untreated for too long.

Hammertoes can cause corns on the skin due to rubbing against shoes.  They also can create calluses on the balls of your feet from pressure from the bent toe(s).  Redness, inflammation, and burning sensations are also symptoms of hammertoe.  In extreme cases, open sores can form.  Hammertoe is a progressive condition and can be quite painful.  It should be treated by a podiatrist when it is first noticed in order to properly correct it.

Hammertoes can be caused by several different conditions:

–          Muscle imbalance

–          Tendon imbalance

–          Genetics   An injury where your toe was broken

–          An injury where your toe was jammed

–          Nerve and/or muscle damage resulting from diabetes

–          Arthritis

–          Stroke

–          Diseases that affect nerves and muscles

–          Improper footwear

  • High heels
  • Shoes too tight in the box

If you think you may have hammer toe, then schedule an appointment with your podiatrist.  Your doctor will be able to evaluate the severity of your hammertoe and give it the according treatment.  There are a number of surgical and non-surgical treatment options available.

Family Foot Center is dedicated to keeping your feet happy and healthy.  We specialize in hammertoe treatment, as well as ingrown toenails, heel pain, plantar warts, and bunions. Call us with any questions, concerns, or to schedule a meeting with our staff.

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